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Yanmar 5-Year Warranty

Don’t settle for standard. Yanmar tractors are designed from the ground up and backed by 110+ years of experience. This exceptional quality gives Yanmar the confi dence to offer not 2, 3 or 4 but a 5-year or 5,000-hour warranty.

Yanmar Europe’s unique in-house designed warranty ensures that any issue, normally covered by Yanmar’s standard 2-year warranty, is covered by 5 years or 5,000 hours, whichever comes first.

5 Main Benefits

  • 5-year warranty or 5,000 hours at no charge
  • Highest quality standards
  • Optimal peace of mind
  • Covered costs for parts and labour
  • Higher resale value

5 Main Conditions

  • YT & SA-series with stage 5 engine
  • Register the tractor within one month from the delivery
  • Operate according Yanmar’s instructions in the operation manual
  • Maintenance and repairs must be performed by a Yanmar dealer using original parts and fluids
  • Valid for European models and distributed by participating Yanmar Europe dealers

What’s Included?

  • Exterior, cabin and ROPS
  • After treatment system of common rail diesel engine
  • Engine parts with a 2-year warranty are extended to 5 years
  • Transmissions parts such as: front axle, main transmission and driveline
  • Hydraulics system

How can I register my tractor for this free warranty?

Your registration starts at your dealer. When you become the proud owner of a Yanmar tractor and you wish to receive a 5-year warranty then you will be connected to your tractor by the warranty registration portal. This connection guarantees your complimentary warranty.

What does the Yanmar 5-year warranty cover?

If the terms and conditions are met, Yanmar will carry out repairs and cover the cost of the parts required should there be a problem. There will be no charge to you if repairs or replacement parts are needed because of defective materials or workmanship. It’s peace of mind.

Is it 5 years or 5,000 hours for the entire tractor?

The Yanmar warranty is valid from the date of delivery of the tractor for a period of 60 (sixty) months or 5,000 (five thousand) operating hours. However, for the electrical engine parts, the warranty is 12 months or 1,000 operating hours. The other electrical parts of the tractor are covered for 24 months or 1,000 operation hours.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. It is simple. Once you receive the confirmation of the 5-year warranty and fulfil the basic conditions, you can enjoy all the advantages it offers such as regular professional maintenance including genuine parts and fluids.

The Yanmar brand has built its reputation on extremely high Japanese quality. In the unlikely event something should go wrong within the period of your warranty we will cover the costs. It is “Yanmar’s practice what you preach.” Our proof of quality.

I have a tractor with 5 year warranty. Is it valid to the next owner?

Yes the warranty is transferable to a subsequent owner of a tractor.

Can rental, municipality or landscaper companies also be registered as an owner?

Yes, the companies may also be registered.

I have just received a 5-year warranty on my new tractor. What’s next?

Congratulations! From now on you will enjoy peace of mind. To keep this feeling you are required to adhere to the maintenance intervals mentioned in the tractor’s operation manual.

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