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Why You Should Use Yanmar Genuine Oils  

Yanmar Engine Oil 

Using the right engine oil in your Yanmar is vital to keep your machine safe and running efficiently. 

 If you use the wrong engine oil you can cause serious damage which can lead to long down times on your machine. Engine oil is designed to keep moving parts lubricated, protect the engine from wear and tear as well as keeping it running at optimum efficiency at all times. If you use the incorrect oil for your engine this will cause it to become clogged with sludge, which in turn doesn’t lubricate the engine, causing overheating along with harsh wear and tear. This will lead you to having to replace key components of the engine which will lead to down times and loss of income.

Yanmar Genuine Engine Oil is purposely designed for Yanmar engines. This gives you peace of mind knowing the oil you’ve put into your machine wont let you down.  

Yanmar Hydraulic Oil

With so many different types of hydraulic oil it can be daunting to make sure you choose the right one. If you happen to use the wrong hydraulic oil in your system this won’t show immediately. In fact, by the time you find out, the damage will already be done. If you use a hydraulic oil which is too thick for your system this will cause harsh wear and tear on your parts, and if you use a hydraulic oil which is too thin it will cause the whole system to work harder, causing stress on the parts. Both of these can lead to long down times with expensive parts like the valve chest needing to be replaced. 

Yanmar Genuine Hydraulic Oil is the best way to make sure you avoid these problems. It has been designed to ensure the hydraulic system runs at optimum performance, along with making sure you get the best lifespan on all your parts.  


This is why you should invest in genuine parts. The Yanmar Research and Development department spends countless hours ensuring every part of their machine runs at their best at all times. When you replace a part for a Yanmar genuine part, you can rest assured that it will perform without fault and last for much longer than non-genuine parts, this in the long run will save you money with less down time on your machines.


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