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When Should You Change Your Fan Belt?  

Early Signs You Need To Change Your Fan Belt

Keeping up with the maintenanceof  your Yanmar is vital to keep your machine safe and running efficiently. One of the parts often over looked is the fan Belt. Here is some early signs to


The first sign that most poeple recognise is the squeaking caused by the belt slipping. This is often due to the belt been worn down over time cauing it to lose grip which will make that well known squeaking noise.


The Fan Belt will also work the water pump make sure your engine stays nice and cool, If the belt is slipping this will cause the water pump to not work at full efficiency which will in turn cause the engine to over heat.


A simple fan belt inspection will tell you if your fan belt needs replaced. Signs of wear on a fan belt might include cracking and fraying. It’s important to get a frayed, cracked fan belt replaced before it snaps!

Yanmar Fan Belts

 Chosing the right belt for your machine isint just a case of chosing an old belt, You need the right tension along with the right thickness and even the right style from the light duty to the wedge cogged all performs differently. Being a Yanmar Dealer we have the ablity to use your machines serial number to make sure you have the right belts for your machines. Using Yanmar Genuine belts will also give you a picece of mind knowing that the belt is 100% right for your machine helping your machine run at optimum performance!  Not only that using a Genuine Yanmar part over a 3rd parties will lasr up to 3 times longer leading to less down time on your machine! 


This is why you should invest in genuine parts. The Yanmar Research and Development department spends countless hours ensuring every part of their machine runs at their best at all times. When you replace a part for a Yanmar genuine part, you can rest assured that it will perform without fault and last for much longer than non-genuine parts, this in the long run will save you money with less down time on your machines.


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