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Machine Serve are the distributers for RockZone products for the South West UK, a German manufacturer that uses and brings the latest technologies to its design and build.


The RockZone Rockcrusher bucket is a practical excavator rock crushing attachment for many projects. Be aware that the Rockcrusher is available for different weights from 12 to over 35 tons.

The crusher bucket is our ultimate excavator crusher attachment. It ends your search for an excavator crusher bucket that can really perform. What makes the Rockcrusher stand out is the practical reverse function, with which you don’t have to worry about blockages when crushing. Another interesting feature is the Quattro movement, a unique crushing movement that allows you to achieve success more quickly.

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Our various Rockscreener screening buckets are attachments for excavators that will convince you above all with their XXL hopper and drum volume. You will achieve faster results when screening rock material and have more fun at work. Choose your suitable Rockscreener from five different models and 15 different screen hole sizes.
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Last but not least, our Rockwheel attachment millling cutter is a real all-rounder when it comes to milling. You want to mill a narrow trench or a vertical borehole? With over 20 excavator attachments, you’ll also have the right excavator cutter head for your construction projects. At RockZone, we are revolutioniseing the construction industry and provide you with the best rock equipment.

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