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Lumag GmbH are a well established German company with a wide range of professional and semi-professional tools. The products offer an excelled balance of quality and cost; being fairly priced whilst not compromising their quality.

Their products are made to the latest CE requirements and are extensively quality control checked before leaving their Bayern facility. 

For years, we’ve been impressed by Lumag machinery. They not only offer competitive prices, but also boast a high quality and diverse selection of equipment. This makes them a great choice for anyone looking for small machinery, whether for personal or professional use. 

Lumag specialise in the supply of a wide variety of machinery for the garden, building and construction industries including Mini Dumpers, Roller, Auger Drives, Wacker Plates / Plate Compactors and Log Splitters.

What truly sets Lumag apart is their outstanding after-sales service delivered through their rapidly growing network of professional dealers across the UK and Ireland.

As your local South West Lumag dealer we’re on hand to carry out servicing or order any spare parts such as air filters, lubricants, product accessories, etc. that you may require.

About Lumag Machines

Lumag machines are German engineered to the highest specifications. Each machine undergoes stringent quality control checks. All Lumag machines meet the relevant EU safety and emissions regulations and have full spares backup.

Most of our Lumag machines have Loncin engines. Loncin is one of the biggest engine manufacturers in the world. Besides manufacturing general purpose engines and motorcycle engines, Loncin also manufacture motorcycles and has its own Motor Sports team.

In 2005 Loncin partnered with BMW. Loncin now manufacture BMW’s 650cc single-cylinder engine and 350cc large displacement water-cooled scooters and engines. In addition, in 2015 a BMW factory at the Loncin plant C was opened.

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Click to see a quick demonstration of the Lumag BSF15 Stump Grinder in action