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  • Wetting up the concrete so it can be raked or pushed into a location far from where it is discharged is not acceptable.
  • Don’t finish the concrete while there is bleed-water on the surface. Using a finishing tool while there is water on the surface will increase water-cement ratio by working the water back into the concrete instead of letting it evaporate. This can cause dusting, scaling and craze cracking.
  • Do not use a round edge shovel for spreading concrete since it does not spread the concrete evenly.
  • “Strike-off” or screed the concrete as close as possible to its final plane.
  • Place the concrete as close as possible to its final destination (concrete weighs approximately 68 kg per cubic foot).
  • Bull floating should be finished before excess moisture or bleed-water appears. When floating, lift the leading edge slightly off the concrete surface.
  • Excess handling can cause segregation of the course and fine aggregates.
  • Don’t use a fresno on the surface soon after screeding – bleed-water and air trapped beneath the sealed surface will create blisters that later break, or a weakened plane that causes sheet delamination.