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Yanmar Track Roller Vio50U, Vio57U
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Yanmar Upper Roller Vio50u Vio57u

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Why Use Genuine Yanmar Parts?

We all like the idea of saving money here and there and we often see buying non-genuine parts as a way to do so. But are you really saving yourself money?

When buying a Non-Genuine part they are often made for multiple machines with multiple uses, this means that they are often made to incorrect specifications for the machine, this can lead to a shorter life span on the part. Which in turn means you will have to replace the part more often.


This is why you should invest in Genuine. The Yanmar Research & Development department spends countless hours ensuring every part of their machine runs at their best at all times. When you replace a part for a Yanmar Genuine part, you can rest assured that it will perform without fault and last for much longer than non-genuine parts, this in the long run will save you money with less down time on your machines.

Rollers & Sprockets on the machine play a vital role in keeping everything running smoothly, ensuring your machine can get to where it needs to be.

                        Yanmar Track Roller Vio50U, Vio57U Yanmar Upper Roller Vio50u Vio57u Yanmar Sprocket SV26 Vio25-4

It’s often unknown that the sprockets and tracks wear together, it’s best practice to replace them together. It’s important to ensure that the sprockets fit the tracks at the correct points, the rollers support the correct amount of track along with the right angle for the tracks lugs. This causes the wear to be even across all parts giving the best running life-span you can get as Yanmar has intended. Using a non-genuine part may fit, but the non-genuine sprocket may sit a little higher, pushing on the track causing wear. The rollers will hold the tracks with less angle for the track lugs allowing them more movement, which will cause more wear on both tracks and rollers. This leaves your machine’s undercarriage with uneven wear across the parts, which in turn means they will have to be replaced more regularly.


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