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Using The Right Seals 

Genuine Seals Matter

Hydraulic rams are a key instrument in your machine. Hopefully the following will give you an insight on how to look after your machine and why you should use genuine seals. Here is some reasons you should use genuine over 3rd party seals. 

  • Built To Last                                                                                                                                     
  • Made For The Machine
  • Correct Temperature Ranges
  • Tighter Seal 
  • Quality Under Pressure

Genuine Yanmar Seals                                 

Recently we had a customer call and admitted that he had his dipper ram repaired twice all ready in the past 3 months and this was the third time it was leaking. He had taken the ram to a hydraulic ram specialist who replaced the seals with off the shelf alternatives, yes the seals were the right size, but if you look closely at the blue seal which is the genuine Yanmar seal you will see the difference both in construction and material. So our customer had paid over £200 already to be resealed twice and on top of that had to pay us £120 to be resealed with genuine seals.

Some reasons for seal failure

  • If left unused for a while, damp and dirt will build up on the chrome rod and if not cleaned off before use will wear or damage the seals.
  • Overheating of hydraulic oil with blocked cooler and the 3 items below.
  • Low hydraulic oil level.
  • Not changing hydraulic oil and filters at recommended intervals.
  • Using incorrect oil specification.
  • Damaged chrome rod by accidental usage.

Most of the above are easy to achieve and certainly look after the whole well being of your machine.

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